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Tooth Removal

Tooth removal or tooth extraction can be daunting. This is because the roots of teeth are quite strong, deep in to the gums. It is a common procedure to save the other teeth from the particular damaged tooth when the repair is not possible. At Mount Pleasant Dentistry, we take a preventative approach to dental care to help patients enjoy a better lifestyle with painless tooth removal.

Some of the most common reasons when tooth extraction may be performed include:


Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the morals that are the farthest back in the mouth. They are last to grow and appear usually after the age 18. In most cases, due to less space for growth, the wisdom teeth don’t grow properly and hence becomes impacted. Due to the impacted wisdom teeth, various problems may occur like infection, decay, tumors, even gum diseases. In order to prevent the potential problems, it is suggested to extract wisdom teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth is a complex process and needs expertise. As a leader in dentistry, Mount Pleasant Dentistry offers the most professional, painless tooth removal.

Teeth Infection

In case of severe infection, where the repair is not possible and even the restoration approaches are unable to save the tooth, extraction may be helpful to save the others from getting damaged.

Routine Extraction

We follow the most advanced, modern dental healthcare approach to make tooth extraction painless, quick and fast. We use the best local anaesthetic to provide comfort to patients during the extraction process. The extraction treatment doesn’t end with the removal itself, but we also offer the follow-up support that may be helpful for better healing.