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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction – Reasons & What to do After Surgery

Wisdom teeth are located at the posterior of your mouth. There is very less space for the wisdom teeth to grow properly. Therefore chances are that the tooth may grow improperly and in different direction to the other teeth. This is why it is suggested by most dentists that these teeth get removed for the better oral health. (Wisdom Tooth Extraction)
Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical process which must be done by a licensed and professional expert. The dentist may be using the following anaesthesia’s during the surgery:

  • Local anaesthesia
  • Sedation anaesthesia
  • General anaesthesia

Post-Surgery Care Tips

While the wisdom tooth extraction surgery is done using special care, but there are a few tips that the patients can follow for faster and better recovery.

Use Ice Pack

Using ice pack is the best method to avoid the pain you may face after a few hours of the surgery. Of course, you may not feel the pain just after the extraction, but when the anaesthesia loses its effects, you will feel it. So in order to avoid the pain and to stop bleeding, it is suggested to use ice pack or simply put an ice cube inside your mouth.

Oral Cleaning

After the wisdom tooth extraction, you have a wound at the extraction site. It is important to keep care of your oral health and hygiene so you are sure that the wound isn’t affected. The day following surgery you should begin rinsing 5—6 times a day so you can be sure about your oral health. Use a cup of water and mix some salt in it for rinsing.

No Smoking or Tea/Coffee

You may crave for tea or coffee after the surgery. Therefore it is suggested by the experts to avoided the craving. Beverages like tea or coffee contain nicotine, which is not good for your wound. It may worsen the condition. Similarly, it is also important to avoid smoking. Smoking may leave a negative impact over your healing power. It is suggested to avoid smoking for at least a few weeks, until you feel healthy and healed again.

Eat Ice Cream

If you love ice cream, then here is the reason to rejoice.  You may be suggested by the dentist to have a lot of ice cream after the extraction surgery. Ice cream is cold and it helps close the wound that has been made due to the surgical process inside your mouth.

Using these tips will not just help you avoid the pain of wisdom tooth extraction surgery, but also help you heal the wound easily and faster without using any medications.

At Mount Pleasant Dentistry we will guide you about the complete procedure and how to take proper care about the surgery.