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Ortho Treatment

How Long it Takes For Straight Teeth with Braces

The most common question asked by global people dealing with unaligned teeth is ‘how to make teeth straight without braces’. It’s nearly impossible to achieve it without braces. Most people have a common query ‘how long it takes for straight teeth with braces?’

Well the answer for it depends on many factors. According to the surveys, it’s been found that it takes an average of 24 months to complete orthodontic treatment. Here are a few factors that affect the time you need to use the braces.


One of the most common factors that has been noticed when it comes to the effects of ortho treatment is your age. While it’s possible for people of all ages to get straight teeth with braces. It’s always recommended to get them done during the early stage of life. It is because the jaws are growing at the early ages. It can be easier for your dentist to manipulate the dental skeletal without aggressive treatment.

Individual Case

Another prime factor affecting the time you need to use braces during the ortho treatment is the severity of your case. It also depends upon the type of skeletal and dental issues. If you have mild crowding or spacing likewise you may get rid of the braces within a few months or a year. If you have severe crowding, you may need to undergo the treatment much longer.

What You Put Into It

When it comes to better care of your teeth, your individual care makes a lot more difference to the results you get with your ortho treatment. A non-compliant patient can prolong treatment and make it difficult to finish with a good result. If you aim to achieve better results on time, it’s important that you support your dentist.You can take better care of your teeth to get exceptional results in a short time. By individual care means taking care of your oral hygiene, attending all of your appointments, and taking the medicines on time.

Additional Factors

While you age, the severity of your dental problems, type of Ortho Treatment you choose and your level of compliance all play a role in how long you’ll be in treatment. Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all methodology available for better and straighter teeth treatments. Every patient is different and teeth move at different speeds. Thus the only way to know how long you will need to wear braces is to visit your trusted dental specialist. The dentist will analyze your condition and the other factors like your age, severity of gums, etc. This can help you know the time required to keep your braces on for straighter teeth.

The consultation from an expert (at Mount Pleasant Dentistry) makes a great difference as it is about your teeth. You must not make any excepting with it.